Dark Ages of Art Rock

This four course meal includes Dylan Tracey on bass, Kevin Suman on drums, Jeffrey Hennies on guitar and frontman Xe La, a notable Cleveland musician and artist. Whether it be from their years of friendship playing music together at open mic nights in Cleveland, their stunning dedication to their craft or the fact that these guys toss their hearts on the stage for all to eat up, it is no surprise they leave the crowd feeling like they’ve been on a journey.

Their phantom-like effects blend in soft to heavy - experimenting in musical landscapes, songs full of color, texture and range of emotion. The vocals sweep from whimsical to agro…articulated tempo changes, rippling reverb, static heart-rhythmic bass lines splattering along like tiny, leaping insects. Sounds whip through like cool wind through a drafty house. The experience is endlessly enticing …Xe La speaks to your inner dialogue; lyrics pop; slither and twist around before crashing down. They unhinge apocalyptic notions and splay collective meditations on love and harmony… There is a rich observation of tribal mass consciousness as stinging as a wasp, and as graceful as a moth. Some of the changes might make you have to break out your calculator. With Xe La on vox dialing it in, Jeff on guitar picking up the phone and Dylan and Kev hanging THAT STUFF up like an old coat, you can’t find a better meal around!

They’ve shared stages with the likes of Janes Addiction, Captured By Robots, and Odeath.

Listen Little Man has pumped out a self titled demo in 2011, a split 7 inch with Sexy Pig Divas in 2014 and full length Dark Ages of Art-Rock in 2016. To follow up, they are currently cooking up a 5 song album with producer Dave Kennedy (Sustainable Sounds). They set up a studio at the Ohio City Masonic Arts Center where they recorded for three days under 40 foot high ceilings in an old Masonic ceremony room. Be looking for this to be released sometime in 2017.